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If you landed here because you're evaluating Jiminny or looking for Gong alternatives, then you probably already have an idea of what call recording platforms are how conversation intelligence can help you have better conversations with your customers.

So what’s the difference between Jiminny and Gong?

Sure, there are features differences between us (which we get into as you scroll down), but the real difference is in our DNA.

Jiminny is built by salespeople for salespeople; we understand what it takes to build successful teams and know how hard it is to get it right. Our founding team has over 38 years of first-hand experience in SaaS sales and we're obsessed with turning your team into top performers.

If you’re in sales or customer success and are looking for a platform built to help you be more productive, have better conversations and grow faster – all while delivering the best customer experience and service – then you’re in the right place. We created Jiminny for ambitious companies like yours.

Here at Jiminny, we're committed to helping you achieve your growth goals. We provide regular training sessions for everyone from leaders to reps.

Our platform allows your teams to focus on the tasks that matter. Make admin a thing of the past by integrating with your CRM.

Our average initial response time is under 1min and 99% of all support tickets are resolved within 24hrs.


Listen to the teams that switched over to Jiminny from Gong

"Jiminny allows my reps to seek feedback about their calls without any human interaction. The insights that the Jiminny platform provides means they get value and support even when I haven't coached that particular call. I love the way my team now support each other and give advice on each others calls without me having to force awkward call review sessions."

"As a sales ops manager, my favorite part is the seamless integration with Salesforce. The fact that the rep can log their call and notes immediately after the call makes everyones' jobs much easier. There's nothing we do not like. Now we have one single tool for coaching, conferencing. call recording and tracking."

"Jiminny is easy to use and has been very reliable so far. Being able to live coach conversations is a real game changer. The onboarding team are very helpful and friendly. Really recommend the product!"


Jiminny helps you have coaching conversations, not avoid them.


Work with tools you love and setup in minutes.

Increase quality and quantity of customer interactions.


Industry-leading voice recognition in 30+ languages.

What others are saying...

What Jiminny has done was to take customer and prospect calls out of the single-use category to a rich resource that is shared across the organization in so many different and powerful ways. It's a game-changer!

Jiminny automatically records and transcribes all my calls and Zoom meetings. This saves loads of time, allows me to listen back to calls, and share them with members of the team. It's an awesome bit of kit, and very useful.

Simple, intuitive, reliable software with great support. Jiminny's slick integration with Salesforce makes CRM adoption easy. The team love it and it makes my life easy when coaching - especially with my whole team remote.

The best part is the support, Jiminny have amazing people who helped us get set up and made it so easy. Highly recommended alternative to much higher priced products out there. ‍

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