Heap vs Pendo - Heap

Heap wins over Pendo because only Heap:

  1. Provides complete, automatically captured event data for real-time analysis
  2. Automatically reveals key areas of user friction
  3. Proactively monitors and alerts you to important changes in your product or site

Only Heap: provides a complete autocaptured dataset; delivers real-time event data for analysis; offers granular insight into user friction; gives teams data to inform product and UX decisions, not just guides recommendations; enables proactive alerts to monitor key areas of your application and customer health

Bells and whistles seem great — but they’re worthless if they're not built on complete, meaningful data. With Pendo, you’ll start and finish with limited data, leaving gaps in your knowledge and a fragmented view of your customer journey.


  • Autocaptures data across your site, giving you a truly complete dataset
  • Delivers event data in real time, so you can analyze behavior as it occurs
  • Allows you to answer endless ad hoc questions, since the data is always there

In today’s digital economy, you need more than basic reporting. Only Heap uses data science to automatically reveal hidden points of friction and opportunity in the user experience.

With Heap teams can:

  • Eliminate blind spots in the customer journey
  • Understand user behavior at any level of granularity
  • More quickly identify improvements that impact the business

Need to update your site or digital product? Are your events going stale? With Pendo, you’ll never know. Heap automatically alerts you when key metrics change or events stop streaming data, then helps you update or repair.

Only Heap:

  • Ensures you’re getting the data you need, when you need it
  • Tells you when to take action, so you never miss an important change in user behavior
  • Delivers instant information on customer health, so you can prioritize the right investments

“Pendo did not meet two of our key requirements: automatically capture every user interaction and integration with our data warehouse. With Pendo, the product team kept coming to me with questions they couldn’t answer. We chose Heap so the product team could be self-serve.”

Ben Smith Senior Data Scientist


“The sticking point with Amplitude is the never-ending battle between product and engineering. With Heap, it’s just a half-day for an engineer to install, and then I can answer my questions from that point by myself.”

Lane Zimmerman Product Manager

Bottom line: When it comes to user insights, Pendo can’t give you the guidance you need.

Heap gives organizations of all sizes the insights they need to build great digital experiences, the speed to move quickly, and the ability to scale data access across the organization.