GitLab (fewer requirements)
GitLab, with better support for zero-downtime upgrades
Minimum hardware requirements: 4 vCPU and 4 GB RAM support up to 500 users. No specific recommendation for disk size.
For single node installations, GitLab is not available to users while an upgrade is in progress. For multi-node installations, there is a possibility to perform zero downtime upgrades.
Supporting up to 3000 users, requires 8 vCPUs, 48 GB RAM, 300 GB attached storage, 200 GB root storage.
There are two types of GHES upgrades, hotpatch and feature release. A hotpatch does not require a maintenance window and usually does not require a reboot, It can be installed using the Management Console or an administrative shell utility. A feature upgrade does require a maintenance window and can be installed only using the administrative shell utility.