Cloud-based Environments

GitLab (fewer requirements)
GitHub (CodeSpaces configuration is powerful)
Minimum hardware requirements: 4 vCPU and 4 GB RAM support up to 500 users. No specific recommendation for disk size.
GitPod is a paid service, which spins up pre-configured, standardized dev environments from any git context when needed them and closes them when done. Runs VS Code and any JetBrains IDE. GitPod monitors changes in the Git repository and prepares dev environments with every change. That preparation not only includes setting up the tools and checking for the right git branch, but perhaps more importantly, compiling the code, downloading all dependencies, and initializing everything else needed by the developer to become productive. When the developer is ready to start working, he/she gets a fresh, ready-to-code dev environment within seconds. GitPod can be also self-hosted on GKE, EKS, AKS and K3s. GitPod works with GitLab, GitHub and BitBucket,
Supporting up to 3000 users, requires 8 vCPUs, 48 GB RAM, 300 GB attached storage, 200 GB root storage.
GitHub Codespaces is a paid service that provides developers with on-demand access to a secure development environment running a given codebase (Git repository) on a remote server. It also allows the developer to debug, maintain and make changes via a full-featured (with syntax highlighting, themes, extensions, version control, etc.) browser-based or locally installed Visual Studio Code IDE from their local machine.