GitLab (fewer requirements)
The functionality looks similar. The major difference is that gh is the official supported tool of GitHub, while GLab is a 3rd-party tool.
Minimum hardware requirements: 4 vCPU and 4 GB RAM support up to 500 users. No specific recommendation for disk size.
GLab is a third party open source Gitlab CLI tool written in Go (golang) to help work seamlessly with Gitlab from the command line. Work with issues, merge requests, watch running pipelines directly from the CLI among other features. Core Commands • glab mr [list, create, close, reopen, delete, ...] • glab issue [list, create, close, reopen, delete, ...] • glab pipeline [list, delete, ci status, ci view, ...] • glab release • glab repo • glab label • glab alias GLab can be installed on MacOS, Linux and Windows.
Supporting up to 3000 users, requires 8 vCPUs, 48 GB RAM, 300 GB attached storage, 200 GB root storage.
gh, GitHub CLI, is an open source tool for using GitHub from a local computer's command line. • View, create, clone, and fork repositories • Review, diff, and merge pull requests • Run, view, and list workflows • Create, list, view, and delete releases • Create, edit, list, view, and delete gists • List, create, delete, and connect to a codespace Use GitHub CLI in GitHub Actions workflows. For example, use the gh issue comment subcommand to add a comment when an issue is opened.