GitLab (fewer requirements)
GitLab (does not require a dedicated backup host)
Minimum hardware requirements: 4 vCPU and 4 GB RAM support up to 500 users. No specific recommendation for disk size.
GitLab backup is a command-line utility, which runs on the same Linux server as GitLab. It can be configured to run at regular intervals as a cron job. There are also alternative GitLab backup methods like file system snapshot and GitLab Geo (Premium and Ultimate)
Supporting up to 3000 users, requires 8 vCPUs, 48 GB RAM, 300 GB attached storage, 200 GB root storage.
GitHub Enterprise Server Backup Utilities is a backup system installed on a separate host. It takes backup snapshots of the GitHub Enterprise Server instance at regular intervals over a secure SSH network connection. Use a snapshot to restore an existing GitHub Enterprise Server instance to a previous state from the backup host.