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See why millions of people choose Asana to give their teams greater clarity, context, and ownership of their work.

What’s the difference between Asana and Trello?

If you have a growing team, chances are you’ll quickly outgrow Trello. Asana grows with your needs, providing a living system where everyone can see, discuss, and manage team priorities.

Why Asana offers more value for the price

Our plans are clear and easy to understand, while costs are transparent and predictable. And whatever plan you choose, we don’t charge for data storage.

Pricing that scales with your team

Get unlimited storage, activity history, and invite as many guests as you need. We charge only a fixed price per team member.

Add integrations with tools like Slack, Google, and Microsoft Office without worrying about hidden charges or unpredictable costs.

Not ready to commit but still want to kick the tires? No problem. Get started with a free 30-day trial, or sign up for our basic plan (it’s free).

Better visibility and management of work for everyone in your organization

Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.


Asana ticks all the boxes and then some. It’s easy to use, feature rich and continually evolving which makes it easier than ever for us to do our jobs and deliver clients award winning digital work.

Outgrowing Trello?

Easily move your work to Asana. Import your Trello projects to Asana with our CSV Importer so you can get set up quickly.