Stripe - Checkout Cross-Sells

Increase your average order size with Stripe Checkout cross-sells. You can now let your customers easily purchase complementary products—with no code. ↔️


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Make sure your Stripe Billing integration works as intended with test clocks. ⏰ You can now simulate the passage of *time* to see which subscription events happen and when.

Whether you’re serving a new customer demographic or disrupting a complex industry, join our online event to learn how to build a high-growth startup in an untapped market. Join us on March 10 at 10 AM PT / 7 PM CET to hear from Shola Akinlade, co-founder and CEO of Paystack.


Stripe Issuing is now available for all UK businesses! Programmatically create, manage, and distribute virtual or physical payment cards: 🇬🇧


Raising a seed round? Join us on February 9 at 10 AM PT for our chat about “How to create a seed fundraising game plan”. Hear from Pulley founder Yin Wu, who raised over $10 million from Stripe, General Catalyst, and Hustle Fund. Learn how to choose the right investors, run a tight fundraising process, and set valuations.


We’ve shipped three new Payment Links features to help you sell more, faster: 🛍 Sell multiple products with a single link 💳 Support for 20+ payment methods 💻 Create payment links via the API More about these improvements at:


We’ve cleaned up how repeat customers show in the Stripe Dashboard. Payments made with the same card, email, or phone are now grouped in a new guest customer view. If you don’t save Customers, this can help you review refunds and better assess fraud. 🍱😌

We’re announcing carbon removal purchases from four new companies. This is our third round of purchases in 18 months—bringing our total purchase amount to $15M. Thank you to the 15K+ Stripe Climate contributors in 40 countries that powered these purchases.