Scratchpad Command is now movable

Sometimes just the ability to move can make all the difference - not across the country or to the new TikTok video, but simply across your screen. Say hello to the newest update: Scratchpad Command is now movable 👈👆👇👉 Scratchpad Command already comes with you anywhere on the web - now you can move it wherever you need on your screen 🙌 . Right, left, bottom, top, smack in the middle, whatever latitude and longitude you prefer. Be the Marco Polo of Scratchpad Command navigation. Marco! Command. Game over. Need to review important information from the page you're on 🕵️ ? Just drag Scratchpad Command. Is there specific functionality on a website you have to access 🛠 ? Now you can dock the results sidebar. Trying to see the entire dashboard because knowledge is power 🧠 ? Drag Scratchpad Command and dock the results. A big thanks to Leah McGhee (Twilio), Petar P. (Clio), Christina Procacci (Fetcher), Dylan MacDonough (Betts), Andrew Stanley (Businessolver), Ryan Chojnowski (First Light) and our own Lauren Rockwell for the feedback along the way to make this happen 🙏