Figma - Introduces Cursor chat

Starting today, we have two new ways to communicate in Figma: (1) Cursor chat is now in Figma as well as FigJam and (2) Audio is now available in all Pro, Education, and Org plans and will roll out over the next 24 hours. In a few weeks, we'll be launching live captions on the Figma desktop app as an open beta. To start using captions now, we recommend turning on live captions in Google Chrome settings. #figmadesign #figmasoftware #audio #uxdesign #uidesign


I'm not too into the voicechat option, but I really hope teams start using the cursor chat. The last project I was on, me and designer would leave ellipses with obnoxious colors/borders to add notes, or at least obnoxious arrows and then refer to them in Trello. It wasn't the most professional way to get things done, but it worked and I think this is a great tool for people like us 😅 I could see this being a good option for frontend devs to ask the designer clarifying questions now that more and more teams are remote and international, so dont have that dreaded collab meeting to work together (kidding, I actually miss those 😂)

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