Custom homepages in Asana

Kick off your day or jump back in without missing a beat with the improved & and fully customizable home page in Asana. Make it uniquely yours with new widgets like the personal notepad, background colors, and more. Home...there's truly no place like it.


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Proud of how far our Community Forum has come since we first launched in 2017. Today we celebrate our community of over 100K+ people! Thank YOU for connecting with us and for making the forum a source of knowledge and inspiration. Not a member yet? Sign up ➡️


Starting a new project? Is your team hitting roadblocks? Learn how to create workflows that help connect your team with the work and the tools needed to move work forward effortlessly. Save your virtual seat for our live demo of our Workflow Builder tomorrow, March 2 where we’ll show you what this feature can do:


Want to level up your workflows in Asana? Let the pros teach you! Streamline creative processes, run successful campaigns from start to finish, all with powerhouse templates created by world-class teams from Discovery Inc, ClassPass, Awin Global, City of Providence, and more!


Asana is proud to be a launch supporter of Coqual's Black Equity Index. The independent benchmarks established by the BEI will allow organizations to drive systemic change and measure their ongoing progress against them, resulting in sustained, values-aligned actions that benefit Black communities. Learn more about this work here:


What’s a #workflow exactly and how does it help teams feel less strain and more clarity? It’s an end-to-end repeatable process that helps teams meet their goals by connecting the right people to the right data at the right time. Start making your own workflows today with these 7 simple steps:


We launched so much newness this month. Catch up with the latest in under a minute! From video messaging powered by Vimeo, to updates that make rules even more customizable, plus so much more.

Have you tried our Workflow Builder yet? On Feb. 24 we’re pulling back the curtain to show you what this powerful feature can do! Sign up to learn how to get the most out of Asana Flow and connect the right people to the information they need to move work forward: #AsanaTogether


#AsanaPartners can help your work go even further! Take your team workflows to the next level with powerful new integrations with Miro, Jotform, and many more. Help teams stay focused and in sync, and spend less time switching between apps:


When information, tools, and tasks are scattered across different teams & places, the work simply doesn’t flow. That’s where our new Workflow Builder comes in clutch! Press play to learn how these powerful new features can help you increase clarity, reduce inefficiencies, and keep work flowing effortlessly.